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Sugar Equipment
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East Coast Demerara
South America

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Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

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Sugar Clarifier

Sugar Clarifier for Rose Hall Sugar Estate, installed in 1992. This was produced to designs by Fletcher Smith Ltd. of England and manufactured 90 percent by I. E. L. in Guyana.

Sugar Clarifier

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Sugar Cane Punts

IEL built special machines that enable us to fabricate a cane punt using two half sections. This reduces the number of weld seams from 8 to 2 and improves the overall quality of the product. We then spray the punts with tar using an airless spray system. The complete fabrication of a punt using a section of 4 workers takes an average of 9 hours to complete.


Punt Dumper

Punt dumper installed at Uitvlugt Sugar Estate in 1993. Manufactured to designs by CAMECO of Thibodaux, Louisiana, this unit lifts a loaded cane barge containing about 10 tons of raw cane approximately 50 feet, and dumps it into the Weigh Hopper. IEL did the structural detailing in CAD and manufactured to CAMECO standards.

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Cane Conveyors