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Mining Equipment
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Contact IEL:
IEL inc.,
1 Good Hope

East Coast Demerara
South America

Tel: +592-20-2314
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Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

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Gold Mining Dredges

IEL has manufactured more than 100 gold mining dredges for Guyana's gold mining sector. Our dredges range from one to seven hundred tons per hour capacity and are able to operate in depths up to one hundred and twenty feet. The entire Dredge, including high capacity gravel pump and associated hydraulics are designed and manufactured by IEL.

We also manufacture Dredges to customers' specifications. The Dredges shown are IEL designed and built for MMC Ltd.

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Bauxite Mining Equipment

IEL has had a long and successful relationship with Guyana's Bauxite mining industry. We have manufactured over 20 miles of high-speed primary stripping conveyor and continue to supply heavy-duty idlers, frames and drive sheaves.

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Dredge and Ferry photos by Jonathan Orenstein, courtesy of MMC Ltd.