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Steel Structures
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Steel Buildings

IEL has been in the Steel Building business since 1973. We offer a range of buildings up to 200 feet clear span and also manufacture multi-story steel framed buildings. IEL roll-forms its own high quality painted Galvanized Cladding and heavy section "Z" Purlins. We have modern band-sawing and beam-punching lines. IEL also erects what it manufactures. Some current steel structure projects are:

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Portal Frame Steel Building – 115 feet Clear span x 40 feet at Apex x 328 feet long. Fabrication is now in progress. Estimated to be completed in 5 weeks.

Portal Frame Steel Building - 130 feet clear span, 35 feet tall at eaves. Floor space is 18,200 square feet. This building includes a Mezzanine floor 17 feet off the ground with 11,324 square feet of floor space for machine installation.


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Decking.JPG (29318 bytes) Portal Frame Steel Building: Triple Span – each bay is 96 feet x 200 feet long and 35 feet tall at the eaves with a 16’ x 16’ sliding door at the Eastern end wall. Spans 2 and 3 will be fitted with Mezzanine floors. IEL’s ProTec Cladding covers the roof and side walls. Special fiberglass gutters were designed and manufactured by IEL for the valley locations in the roof. Fabrication of the steel structure was completed at a rate of approximately 4 weeks per span. IEL’s Site Erection Crew  erected the structure.

Portal frame steel building – 80 feet clear span x 200 feet long. The ability of the structure to accept additional loading from a mezzanine floor has been designed into the structural members. Fabrication of the structure was completed in 4 weeks. IEL’s Site Erection Crew delivered a fully constructed structure complete with cladding in ten days.

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