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Machine Shop
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"IEL Built"

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East Coast Demerara
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Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

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Land Space 51/2 Acres
Fabrication Floor & Main Production Halls 78,000 SQ.FT.
Machine Shop 2,000 SQ.FT.
Parts & Raw Materials Storage 10,000 SQ.FT.
Office 1,500 SQ.FT. (additional 3,500 by end Q4 1998)

IEL Cranes  

One 3-ton
Four 4-ton
One 25-ton
One 45-ton
One 5-ton Overhead Crane, 50ft span, 240ft length

IEL Power Generation  

5 Plants - approximately 2.0 Megawatts total capacity. Electric power is available in 110V and 240V, 1 phase 60HZ, and 415V 3 phase 60HZ


Complete range of portable tools including hydraulic forcing and pulling rams, drills, grinders, finishers, (air operated)
8 sets portable Oxy-acetylene equipment for cutting and welding

Manufacturing Hall  

Supplied with compressed air outlets at all center columns from 100 CFM Compressor with 3' dia. x 15' long storage vessel

Steel Stock 

Average of 500 tons of plate and structural shapes including Hardox and AR500 abrasion resisting plate
Average of 35 tons machining stock for machine shop including C45 and 42CRMO 70 ton tensile shaft stock, and stainless stock

Other Stocks 

Ball & roller bearings, hydraulic pumps, motors, spool valves, hose fittings, plastics, gears, sprockets, diesel engines, miscellaneous bolts & nuts etc.

Please see Machine Shop and Production Floor pages for detailed information on IEL's capacity in those areas.