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Production Floor
Annual Awards

Contact IEL:
IEL inc.,
1 Good Hope

East Coast Demerara
South America

Tel: +592-20-2314
Fax: +592-20-7733





Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

Chairman and CEO
George D. Jardim

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Finance Comptroller
Nancy T Jardim

Vice President
Christina A Jardim

Director - Structural Engineering
T. Geoffrey Jardim

Director - Civil Engineering
A. Peter Jardim

Director - Production
Neil O. Williams

There are 200 of us at IEL and most have been with the company our entire professional careers.

At IEL, our engineers design the products and create the detailed drawings from which they are made. They personally oversee their projects to make sure that everything is built to spec and that the highest standards are maintained.

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Administration: 7
Engineering: 10
Section Foremen: 22
Production Staff: 150