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"IEL Built"
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Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

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General Production Equipment

At IEL we believe that there is the right tool for every job. And since every job is different, we routinely design most of our tooling on the production floor to suit our particular needs. The hydraulic components we use are standard and interchangeable so there is never the problem of availability of parts for repairs or servicing. Some examples of these are:

  1. Beam Processing Line for the production of beams and girders for mezzanine floors in our steel frame buildings. Consists of:
    1. 5-Ton Electric overhead crane; as the bay spacing, span and available work area was unique.
    2. 100-ton NC Beam Punching Line capable for processing up to 3 tons of beams per 8 hour day with any center-to-center hole spacing, and a hole diameter of 25mm in a 20mm thick plate
    3. 650mm capacity fully automated hydraulic Bandsaw to cut the beams being processed on our Beam Punching Line.
  2. Plate Decoiler Machine (1500mm width x 12mm capacity). This unit was designed for the ease of loading coils using the weight of the coil to keep itself in the right position so that the plate feeds into our own 5 roll decoiler unit. The output height of the plate is set to feed the plate into a shear with was also completely redesigned to meet our particular needs.
  3. Plate Slitter Machine (10mm Capacity) with hydraulic drive and fully adjustable plate width feeder rolls.
  4. Roll Former for producing Industrial Profile Cladding.
  5. Roll Former for producing standard 8" purlins and sheeting rails.
  6. 300mm capacity fully automated hydraulic Bandsaw.
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Special Project Equipment

In our commitment to the highest quality products, we occasionally build special machines to enable us to do a job better. Take cane punts for example. To improve design quality and speed up production we designed and built a machine that will radius flat steel on edge in one swipe. Then we designed and built another machine to bend two corners on a plate on flat simultaneously. These two machines allow us to fabricate cane punts using two half sections thus reducing the number of weld seams from 8 to 2 and improving the overall quality of the product.


RollDriveDWG.GIF (15264 bytes) The cladding Roll Former was designed and manufactured entirely in house.

The chassis was assembled in the fabrication department after
which the roller side frames were fabricated and then milled to accommodate the roller bearing carriers.  Their bases were then squared using a shaping machine.

The roller shafts and forming rolls were machined to exacting
standards using CNC machinery. The keyways in the shafts and rolls were machined using a combination of machines including a milling machine, a shaping machine and a broaching machine.

The drive system consists of a hydraulic unit (again designed by I.E.L.) which drives hydraulic motors which in turn drive the rollers via a chain and sprocket system.