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Production Floor
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Jonathan Orenstein Studio

Ronan McDermott
IEL inc

The company’s production staff is divided up into 22 sections. Each section is made up of three workers and a Section Head (foreman). We consider our Section Heads as special, as they are the backbone of our company. Together a Section Head and his men are capable of producing large, complex, steel fabricated components. We also have a Site Erection Crew, as the erection of steel frame buildings contributes significantly to our business. Our Site Crew is hand picked for this job as they usually work at heights of 6 meters and more. Saint.JPG (38236 bytes)
WeldArc.JPG (16964 bytes) At the beginning of 1998 IEL instituted its formal training program for which we wrote a training manual. The manual contains instructions and diagrams pertaining to the basic tasks an entry level apprentice is expected to master before being accepted as a permanent employee on the production floor. At the end of their three-month apprenticeship period, employees are expected to be capable of the following:
  1. Reading, interpreting and making items from detailed drawings.
  2. Use a measuring tape to lay out dimensions in both the metric and imperial systems of measurement.
  3. Arc welding to extremely high standards.
  4. Oxyacetylene flame cutting
  5. Operating Plasma Arc cutting machines
  6. Operating large equipment such as:

Plate Shear
Rolling Machines
Punching Presses
Drill Presses
Plate Decoiling machine
Plate Slitting machine

Special sections include employees with training in MIG and TIG welding operations, and CNC Flame cutting operations. IEL's Maintenance Department (with electrical and Mechanical sections) fully maintains all our resources as well as  undertaking specialist projects for IEL customers.

We heavily promote our training and apprenticeship program as it allows us to train new employees to do their job to world class standards and eliminates issues associated with any legacy habits a new employee may have.

The IEL production staff is a very close knit unit. One of the company’s greatest assets is the great pride we take in our work. This alone sets our company apart from all the rest. Our staff turnover is less than nine percent and the majority of us consider IEL as our future.

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